The contractors at NuFinishPro of San Luis Obispo have the expertise to perform outstanding bathroom refinishing services for your Templeton, CA, home. Instead of getting a complete bathroom installation replacement, you could cut back on time and money with professional bathtub surface refinishing work. With this cost-effective solution, you can add to the look and practicality of your bathroom without needing to break the bank. Our bathtub refinishing company could potentially assist homeowners to increase their property value by upgrading their bathroom. We are trained and qualified to perform first-rate refinishing services that are durable and dependable.

We provide deep chemical cleans to get rid of stuck on rust or calcium ingrained bathtubs for an immaculately clean appearance. Our staff can renovate every corner of your bathroom, from chipped tiles to fiberglass enclosures and any other bathtub parts. To find out more about the complete services we provide, continue reading below.

Affordable Bathtub Updates

Bathrooms are a smaller room in your property where a little attention can go far for improvements. Your tub will age and show indications of deterioration. Scrubbing bathtubs, tile and showers with strong chemicals may cleanse the surface and wipe out microbes; however, it does nothing to remove marks that builds up over time. As you figure out it is time to spruce up your tub, we invite you to find out further information about the NuFinishPro method of bathtub refinishing. Our technicians offer a range of services that will restore your tub and boost the property value of your home affordably.

In addition to being budget-smart, our take on it is environmentally conscious too. Home remediations inundate the nation’s dumps with trash. NuFinishPro uses environmentally friendly products and cut down on waste. We are judicious about reducing our carbon footprint, so our textiles and solvents are eco-friendly.

Look to NuFinishPro of San Luis Obispo for the following services:

  • Restoring bathtub
  • Re-glaze tub surface
  • Fix and touch up tub area
  • Repair tile work surfaces
  • Resurface fiberglass bathtub pans
  • Chemically clean bathtub
  • Add drain liners to tubs and showers
  • Apply non-skid traction
  • Utilizes eco-friendly construction strategies

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With over 31 years of experience, NuFinishPro of San Luis Obispo is dedicated to delivering first-rate refinishing services. Your regional technicians in Templeton, CA, has the guidance and expertise to boost the appearance of your bathroom. Our efficient and polished technicians are trained, insured, and have completed meticulous background checks. NuFinishPro of San Luis Obispo invites you to contact our office in Templeton, CA, today to find out more about our bathtub refinishing and request a complimentary estimate.

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